Safe Escapeways fire escapes are safe, functional, beautiful and very original in design. At Safe Escapeways they only offer the best
quaility and the most reliable safety fire escapes with in the Pittsburgh area.  Please contact us at www.safeescapeways today.

Our designs are innovative, beautiful and functional…..SAFE!!

 Fire escapes played a major role in shaping city areas in the United States.  We take these features for granted.  No other form of emergency egress has impacted the architectural, social, and political context in metropolitan America more than the balcony fire escape.  The fire escape is still a feature in major American cities, and one has difficulty strolling through historic city streets without spotting an entire neighborhood laced with these iron devices.

A fire escape is a special kind of emergency exits usually mounted to the outside of a building.  It provides a method of escape in the event of a fire or other emergency.  Fire escapes are most often found on multiple-story residential buildings, such as apartments.  They were a very important aspect of fire safety for all new construction in urban areas.  New inspections and upgrades are due to the improved building codes. Also, it deals with incorporating fire detectors, technologically advanced fire fighting equipment.  As a result, this includes better communications and the reach of fire fighting ladder trucks, and more importantly fire sprinklers.  Safe Escapeways has brought a new look to fire escapes and their strong and beautiful design is not only up to code, but a true asset to any building.

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